The Hellenic Power Story

The bigger we get, the stronger we get and the more we can give to the Hellenic Community
— John Pandazopoulos
Hellenic Power Co- Founder John Pandazopoulos

Hellenic Power Co- Founder John Pandazopoulos


John and Frank Pandazopoulos founded the Hellenic Power concept in 2017.

In the spirit of our ancestors we learnt that the Hellenic community is stronger when we are together and as such can do great things. John with his distinguished career in politics and deep links in the community, with decades of community service and continuing now as a director of various government and community enterprises .

Frank with 25 years in the energy sector globally brings many power and gas retailers to the Hellenic community. These retailers respect the power of our community as a buying group & are keen to support us all.

We combined our two areas of expertise and our mutual passion to develop a business model that unites Hellenes & Hellenophiles and give back to the Hellenic community.

We reach out to all energy users and with our energy retailer portfolio, Hellenic Power will independently help you get a better deal. 


We engage our community leaders, we listen & will support the causes that are in the best interests of our Hellenic Community
— Frank Pandazopoulos
Hellenic Power Co- Founder Frank Pandazopoulos

Hellenic Power Co- Founder Frank Pandazopoulos

Join our family & contribute to our Hellenic community.

Best Regards,

Frank and John Pandazopoulos

with the hacci partnership we aim to

  • Support the most worthy community needs

  • Promote Culture, Language, Education

  • Provide you a better energy deal, saving you money where we can

  • A voice that unites Hellenes

  • Develop a trusted B2B Hellenic community where Hellenes support fellow Hellenes

  • Promote young business entrepreneurs

  • Sponsor internships & careers for talented Hellenes

  • Identify other goods and services that reduce your costs and that allow us to give more funds to worthy Hellenic Community causes

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HACCI - the Hellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a proud partner of Hellenic Power